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Pushing her rump while saying SIT in a loud clear voice will teach your puppy to sit down

Train your dog to sit the right way

dog sitting in grassThe most important command that you can teach your dog is to sit.  If your dog is trained to sit, you can stop him from running, jumping, and licking at inappropriate times, such as when friends are visiting.  Also you can have more control over what your dog is doing.  For example, when dinner times comes around and you bring out the dog food, your dog will most likely run to the dish and attempt to eat before you can finish serving it.  In the case of a dog who is trained, you can tell him to sit and wait until you have served his dinner and then allow him to eat.

Repeat the sit command again?

The main thing to do is to constantly repeat the word “sit,” so that your dog can associate the word with the action.  Whenever you see that the dog sits, immediately say “sit” and repeat a couple of times so that your puppy will keep using it.  After several days of using the word “sit,” you can begin to further train your dog by positioning him in the sit position.  You want to push his back while holding his head up so that he can learn the correct way to do the action; this is done while repeating the command “sit” in a soothing voice.  If your dog stays in the correcting sitting position, be sure to praise him lavishly.  During this time, you do not want to train any other commands.  Furthermore, be sure to be consistent with the use of the word by using it several times spaced out throughout the day.  Remember that each time he does it correctly, he should be praised. 

Signals to help teach sitting

After your dog learns how to sit, you can add a hand signal along with the command.  Using the signal along with the command teaches your dog to associate the hand signal with sitting; at this point, you want call his name and use the hand signal when he looks at your direction.  Your dog will eventually learn to sit when you do the hand signal; this will be useful when your dog is not near you or is unable to hear you but can see you.  In just a matter of time, along with patience and dedication, your dog will be properly trained to sit and you will be happier having a dog who listens to your command.

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