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Practice good obedience techniques on your dog in order to teach her good manners

Simple Good Manners for Your Dog

dog with good mannersWe treat our beloved dogs as members of our own family and we can’t resist their cuddly nature; we tend to spoil them and often times overlook behavior that might not always be welcomed by all.  While spoiling your cuddly friend is perfectly fine, even the most lenient dog owner will recognize that there are certain limits and boundaries that all pets must have.  Without some limitations, your pet might not be as endearing and enjoyable, especially to those not-so-dog-loving individuals.  Certain habits that your dog develops may actually be annoying or aggravating to others, and you might also get frustrated at the lack of obedience your dog displays. 

Having a happy puppy

When you’re sitting at home watching television on your couch, you might actually enjoy the presence of your puppy on your lap or next to you.  However, when you have co-workers or friends over, the sight of your poodle leaping into their laps will be embarrassing, and watching your golden retriever run to the front door and jumping all over family members coming for thanksgiving dinner, will not be a pleasant experience. 

Furthermore, we can all recall when we have gone over to someone’s house for dinner and having a dog stare at us and our dinner plate all night long, while the owner did nothing or was unable to stop this behavior.  While you might find this behavior adorable and might not mind your dog begging you for some scraps, it is not the best idea to have this behavior occurring in the middle of a business dinner, or even Christmas day dinner with your friends and family.  What’s more is that you might try to get your furry friend to stop or to leave the room, only to find that he pays no mind. 


Certainly, your doggie is entitled to have privileges and fun; after all, your home is also his home.  However, there has to be some rules and your cute companion should have some obedience training.  Simple commands, such as sit or stay, will help to avoid having your dog jump or lick your friends.  Other one word commands include stay or down, heel, and come; they will allow you to keep your dog from doing what he pleases when it is inappropriate. Furthermore, when you command your dog to do something, he will know to listen.  Therefore, you will be demanding respect from your dog at the same time; most dogs that are not trained lack this very quality.  Having a dog that is obedient and well trained, whether you show him yourself or take him to obedience classes, will make him a much more enjoyable and lovable pet.

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