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As soon as you see your puppy lay down on the floor, say DOWN girl

Teaching your puppy or dog the Down Command

puppy laying downAs a puppy owner, you know that it takes a lot of hard work to adequately train your pet.  One of the most useful, but a bit difficult basic training commands is the down command.  It sets the proper foundation for advanced commands and behavior skills.  In order to prepare your dog to be successful with the down command, make sure your puppy learns the "sit" command first.  Once your puppy has the "sit" command mastered, the "down" command is a piece of cake.  Also, you will find that the steps involved are similar to that of other basic commands.  Furthermore, teaching your puppy the "down" command can help you have better control over her actions and may even keep her out of harm's way.  it will help establish you as the alpha dog and build a better dog-owner bond between the two of you.

Learn the "lay down" command in detail

You want to simplify the down command for your puppy and slowly make it more challenging.  Find a place in your home that your puppy find familiar and feels comfortable in. you can teach your puppy the down command with or without a leash, but remember to choose one and stick with it.  First, you want to tell your puppy to sit. This is the best position for your pet to learn the "lay down" or "down" command.    You want to grab her favorite treat and hold it out in front of her nose. Now you will bring the treat straight down to the ground and watch as she follows it.  As this point, you will notice that her belly will drop to the floor and her front paws will be straight out; this is the position you want your puppy to be in every time you issue the down command.  Repeat that action several times and remember to give your puppy a lot of praise when she assumes the proper position.  In time, you will see that she will automatically get into the "lying down" position.  If you have trouble getting her into the "lying down" position, you can try placing her in the correct position by forcing her legs out in front and pushing down on her back so that her belly touches the ground. once you have accomplished this, praise her extensively and repeat the technique over and over again.  When you notice that your puppy goes into the down position right away, you can add the word "down" right before you lower treat or before you pull her legs forward.  Eventually, what you want is for your puppy to associate the word "down" with the action of going to the laying down position. At first, your puppy will stand up right away from the down position, but she will begin to stay in the down position for a longer amount of time. she will also be able to go to the down position from the standing position, as well.  This is when you want to add distractions and challenges.  You may want to bounce a ball around or throw a couple of toys across the room without giving any verbal command.  Your puppy should remain in the down position unless you command her to do otherwise.  Also, you should practice the "down" command in different situation, such as when you are doing the dishes, watching tv, or out for a walk.  this will let your puppy grow accustomed to obeying the "down" command in any given situation.

Teaching a dog the down command

Adult dogs may also be taught the "down" command.  It just requires more patience and time because it will be more difficult for an older pet to learn new tricks.  Remember, the earlier you start the easier it will be to break old habits in your dog.  however, it is never too late to start dog training and to teach him basic dog commands.  By following these step-by-step methods, you will realize it is not impossible for you to teach your adult dog the down command.

The get up comman

Now that you have a dog or puppy that is efficient in the "down" command, you can add a command that will allow your puppy or dog to get up from the "down" position.  you can use the words "up" or "get up," and practice it like the "down" command.  this is the command your puppy must listen for before moving up front he down command.

Additionally, there are resources available in you desire more information and more help in effectively training your puppy or dog the "down" command.  do not worry if your puppy is not getting it quick enough or needs extra time, you will see results if you are doing it properly.  Furthermore,  a book called "dog training secrets" will provide many more solutions if you find that you have a stubborn dog or puppy.

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