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Feeding your puppy by hand will motivate her to come to you

Train your dog the come command

dog using the come command outsideOne of the most difficult training skills to teach your dog or puppy is the “come here” or “recall” command.  It is extremely important and useful for your puppy to master the come command in order to allow you to have more control over any situation.  You can be sure that you will not have to chase after her and she will not be put in harm’s way.  Having a properly trained puppy in regards to the come command involved several training technique.  The ultimate goal is to have a puppy that comes to you every single time you call her.  The key here is that you want your dog to be obedient regardless of what is occurring around her, such as other dog owners walking their dogs or other small animals running about.  Furthermore, once your dog has learned the come command, it will be easier for you to take the necessary steps to enforce future behavior training and instill good habits in your puppy/dog.

Why your dog fails to come when called.

You might find that your puppy does not obey you when call her. There are several reason why this may occur. One reason maybe that you are letting your puppy run freely off her leash and engaging in activities, such as digging holes and playing with other dogs. This is followed by you calling her to you and being taken in doors or being placed on a leash. This will cause your  puppy  to associate the come command with the end of play time and this may feel like a punishment. Therefore,  when you  ask her to come here, she will not obey. Another reason why she may not listen to you, is that after calling her over several times, you may have become frustrated and might scold her when she finely comes to you.  This will reinforce the negative association between the come command and punishment. Furthermore, when she does not listen to the come command the first time you say it and you have to repeat yourself, she will know that she can get away with not coming to you immediately and will continue to misbehave.  One simple reason your puppy does not obey the come command, is because she does not know what you mean. 

Start Your Obedience Recall Command Right

A puppy that is properly trained in the come command will have privilege of being outdoors without a leash and will freely enjoy herself while still knowing when you call her, she will come without hesitation.   There are several steps that you must take to accomplish this ultimate aim.  Firstly,  your doggie must be motivated and alert before you begin any basic obedience training.    For the come command, an additional suggestion is waiting until meal time to start. Take your dog to an open space within your home and make sure there are  no distractions.   Grab a bag of doggies treats or kibbles  and wave one small piece in front of your puppy until she wags her tail or shows excitement in the dog food or treat.  Once she shows enthusiasm towards the treat, you will know she is ready to begin her training.

1.  Give your puppy a piece of a treat first so that she will know it is time for something special.  After this, take 3-5 steps backward and hold out another treat at level with your puppy, and now say “come here” in a clear, warm voice.   As soon as your puppy obeys the command, give her the treat and praise her immediately.  This will create a positive association with the come command.  Practice  a few more times and you will see that your puppy will begin to come to you readily.
2.  Now use a combination of commands, such as sit and come.  When you begin your training session, you will start by telling you puppy to “come here;”  this can be followed by the sit command.  This will allow you to  be able to put the leash on her when you need to, such as taking her to do her business or on a stroll.  Once your puppy follows the commands properly, you want to reduce the food rewards she receives.  Also, this is the time to begin repeating the command several times throughout the day so your puppy can associate the word “come” with the action and not just a food reward.  Remember to praise her each time she obeys.  If your puppy does not listen immediately do not keep repeating the command and do not punish your puppy.  Instead go back a step and start over.
3. Now you can begin to get the rest of your family involved.  You can plat the “back or forth” game, also called the “recall” game.  Have someone stand a few feet away from your puppy and say “come here.”
When she obliges praise her, and then have the other person call her over.  Make sure the other person also gives her plenty of praise for being obedient.  This game is fun for your puppy and allows her to learn to obey the come command from other people and not just you.  When your puppy has mastered the skill in this game, you can make it more exciting and a bit more difficult  for her.  Increase the number of people that command her to come and move to different areas of the house.  Not only will puppy have to listen to the command but will also have to search for you.  This is similar to the game of “hide and seek.”
4.  You can now take your puppy and put on her leash and take her outside.  Follow the step by step directions that you did in steps 1 and 2.  You want to take a step back and tell your puppy to “come.”  If she comes over to you, give her a treat and praise her lovingly.  Do this several times throughout the walk.   Remember there are many distractions outside, so make sure that it is worth it for her to come when called.  Once she has learned to come when on a leash, you can remove it.  Let her run freely and play with other dogs.  However, you do not want to call her over just bring her back inside.  She will associate the come command with the end of a fun activity and lose what she has already learned.  Instead. What you to do is call her over while she is engaged in a pleasant activity and give her a treat or just a warm hug and kiss.  She will realize that the come command is not mean the end of her freedom.

Remember that you can always go back a step if your puppy fails to obey properly.  Remember to consistently practice these exercise so that you can get the desired results and reinforce good habits.  This is one of those commands that will help you train your puppy  more efficiently.  To further aid you in properly training you puppy in the come command, use this easy-to-read book, Go fetch book.

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