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Basic commands with help your puppy listen to you at any time

Teach your pet the right dog training commands

a dog that is trained with basic commandsWant to know how to train a dog the simple commands? Being a pet owner, you know that teaching your dog basic commands is absolutely essential. Your puppy not only needs love and dedication, but also needs basic training skills.  There are several simple dog commands that your puppy just must not be without. Here are the top five commands for dogs that are must-learns so that she can become more obedient and happy :

Stop or No or Leave it: This command is used to stop your puppy from performing an action you do not wish for him to do. This may seem like an extremely simple command that you not have even thought off, but it is very important for your dog to learn.

Sit: You can use this to make your puppy set himself in the sitting position.

Stay: Use this when you want your puppy to remain where he is.

Come or Recall: This command is used when you want your puppy to come over to you, the pet owner.

Down or Off: You can use this command to have your puppy lay down on his stomach with his paws directly out in front of him.

Command benefits

There are many benefits to having a dog or puppy that is properly trained.  First of all, the relationship you and your dog have will be a strong and healthy one. The two of you will have appropriate communication, in which your dog knows exactly what is expected of her. Also, your dog will follow the rules and boundaries that you have set up for her and will know how to behave under any circumstance. In addition, you will prevent the formation of bad behavior and unacceptable habits in your dog or puppy. Furthermore, you will have full control of your pet at all time keeping him out of harm's way. For example, if you are out for a walk around the park and your puppy dashes towards the street, you can easily call her back to you and prevent an unwanted incident. Most importantly, you will be able to bring your dog anywhere, even around children, and play and have fun with her. You will gain your dog's trust and make her more confident. By teaching your dog or puppy the obedience commands, you will have a companion that is a competent member of society. While all these simple dog commands are not necessarily easy to teach, it is possible if you are willing to set aside time and have patience with your cuddly friend. We have provided a lot of information on what you should know in order to train your dog or puppy properly. If you follow the steps appropriately, you will soon see results and have a dog that is obedient and well-behaved that everyone will want to be around.


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