Stop that dog from digging

dog digging in the groundYou may find that you become extremely frustrated when it comes to figuring out how to stop your dog from digging. Once your dog is let loose in your backyard and around your home, you may soon discover that she loves to dig everything in sight. Digging is a basic instinct for most dogs, especially for those breeds prone to digging, such as a terrier or a Labrador. Keep in mind that this instinct or habit can be corrected with the proper technique. Also, digging may not only ruin your garden but may be detrimental to your dog or puppy's health. Whether you have a dog that likes to dig holes in your yard or is consistently digging under the fence to try to get something in your neighbor's yard, the important thing is to find out the reason for your dog's digging and then applying the appropriate method to stop her behavior problem.

Key points to avoid dog digging problems

Your dog or puppy's digging may be due to a variety of reasons. One reason may simply be boredom; digging provides her with an activity that she can engage in. When your dog or puppy is left alone for a long period of time, she will look for something to occupy herself with. She may even do it to get your attention. It is her way of saying “hey, looks at me!" Remember your dog or puppy will want your attention, sometimes even if it is negative. To avoid dog digging problems, be sure to spend a lot of quality time with your pet. You also want to make sure she is probably socialized so that she can adapt to her environment. Keep in mind that exercise is extremely important for your dog or puppy, especially if she is a hyperactive animal. Not only will it keep her fit and healthy, but it will also use up her energy. She will have no desire to go around digging holes under the fence or in your rose garden if she is tired. Be sure to buy plenty of toys to play with and chew on for your dog or puppy, as well. She will be more focused on her toys than on causing mayhem in your yard.

Why is my dog digging everything up?

Many dogs love to dig in dirt that has been recently turned, like your new flower garden. She may also like the smell of the fertilizer which you use. Manure is used as a fertilizer in most cases and will encourage your dog or puppy to dig right in. Furthermore, your puppy may be hunting for the animals and insects she finds in your yard, such as moles, mice, and worms. In addition, your dog or puppy may find it fun to pull out the plants from the ground. Another reason you may not have thought of is that your puppy may be very hot and wants to cool herself down by lying down in the dirt. The dirt will create a cool feeling on her little paws and will keep her digging all day. Your dog or puppy may simply be trying to store his bones and other food and the perfect solution is to bury it. Furthermore, she may be trying to make a den just like she would have done in the wild for shelter and concealment. If you find that your dog digs under the fence, it may be that she is sees something she wants to get her paws on, on the opposite side, but more importantly, she may be searching for a mate.

Solution Solved

There are several simple solutions on how to stop a dog from digging. Your dog may see you working in your garden and may want to do the same. In this case, your dog or puppy may need to be confined during this time. You may also need to confine her in a crate when you are not able to supervise her or when she is left alone at home. Once she has learned not do dig holes in your yard, she will no longer need to be confined. On hot summer days, be sure your dog or puppy has plenty of cold water and shade; if she can keep herself cool, she will be comfortable and relaxed. This means she is less likely to run around digging holes but instead lay under a tree. If you have a dog or puppy that is always burying her bones then replace the bones with chewing toys and tasty treats. She will most likely eat the treats right away and be less prone to bury her toys. One easy solution to get your dog to stop excessive digging is by blowing up balloons and burying them in the yard, specifically in the area where she is most prone to digging. When your dog or puppy reaches the balloon it will pop and startle your puppy with the loud noise. It will create a negative association in your dog or puppy's mind and may be sufficient to get her to stop. Another solution requires you to use your water hose; when you see that your dog or puppy begins to dig, reprimand her and spray her with water. This will create a negative association between digging and being sprayed with water. You could also add a sprinkler to the end of the hose and turn it on whenever she starts to dig, the added benefit here is that your dog or puppy will not realize that you are turning on the sprinkler and may think that the sprinkler itself is warding her off. Furthermore, because your dog or puppy thinks that the sprinkler is not allowing her to dig holes, she will learn that it is wrong to dig in the yard at all times and not simply when you are present. If you do not have a sprinkler, you can use a water pistol. Once you spray her, simply try to hide the water pistol and go on doing whatever you were doing. This way your dog or puppy will not realize you are doing it to her and will create similar results. One effective method to stop your dog form digging is to fill up the holes that your dog or puppy has made with some of her own feces. Dogs and puppies do not like the smell of their won feces and will be turned off to digging in the yard again. Using chicken wire may aid you in correcting your dog's digging problem. Bury some of the chicken wire under a thin layer of dirt. Your dog or puppy will not like the feeling of the chicken wire scraping against her paws. This is another way to create a negative association. If your dog is constantly digging under the fence, be sure to fill in all gaps in and under the fence. You can use concrete to fill in gaps or attach chicken wire to the bottom of the fence, making sure you bury it under the ground. If your puppy sees no holes, he might not be tempted to start digging. More importantly, it will keep your puppy from escaping the yard and getting lost!

You might find that your dog or puppy still digs holes in spite of all your attempts to correct her behavior. You can try creating an area made especially for your pet to dig. You may want to even place her in a pen to encourage her to dig only in one particular area; you may soon find that confining her to the area is no longer necessary. Fill the designated are with soft dirt or sand and bury some of her chew toys and food treats. When you are both out in the yard, bring her out the digging area and praise when she starts digging. Act very excited and happy when she digs out her toy or treat and praise her lavishly. If you find your dog or puppy digging in another area, say no and take her to the specific digging space. When she digs in the proper area, be sure to praise her to reinforce proper behavior. You want to surprise your puppy by burying different treats and toys so that she will always go to the designated digging area.

The methods outlined above are easy-to-follow and will help you to stop your dog from digging. If these methods do not work for you, you can find addition techniques that have been tested and reviewed: Stop dog digging now. Remember that practice makes perfect so be consistent and you will soon find that you can get the results you desire. Keep in mind that basic obedience training is the stepping stone to reversing bad habits and correcting behavior problems.

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