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Make sure your dog or puppy has lots of chew toys

How to stop dog chewing

dog chewing on shoeIt is important to remember is that your puppy is getting used to his new home and it is natural for him to be curious.  Puppies will inspect things with their paws and mouth which can cause him to damage items in your home.  Furthermore, like babies, when puppies are teething, it is normal for them to chew on whatever they can find.  Your cuddly little puppy can be very mischievous and you might come home one day to find that your favorite slippers have been all chewed up.  You love your puppy but he must be trained to differentiate between appropriate behavior and behavior that is unacceptable.  First of all, make sure your puppy has his own toys, dog toys.  This means he must should have toys that he can clearly distinguish from items that belong to humans.  Old slippers, old clothes, or stuffed animals are not to be given to your puppy; he can not tell an old slipper from a new one and will end up grabbing any slipper as his toy.  Furthermore, you want to be certain that his toys are readily available so that he does not go looking for household goods.  It is important to keep human articles, such as shoes, clothes, and books, out his reach to avoid destructive behavior.

Say "NO" to dog chewing

Your puppy should appropriately be train to “sit.”  In this manner, if you catch him chewing on something that he shouldn't’t be, you can immediately address the situation by stopping him.  You don’t want to run after him because your puppy will think you are playing with and will continue to run around the home leaving with the frustration of having a chewed slipper or book and a disobedient puppy.  Instead, walk assertively towards the puppy and say “no,” so that he can begin to associate the word “no” with inappropriate behavior.  Take the slipper or stuffed animal out of his mouth and replace it with a puppy toy.  If he takes the puppy toy, be sure to praise him by saying “good dog,” allowing him to connect these words with good behavior.  You can also confine your puppy to a room with plenty of chew toys available until he learns which toys belong to him.  If you are unable to supervise him or will be out of the home, confining him to a certain area will help him to stay out of the reach of the objects you don’t want him to chew.

You also want to make sure your puppy gets plenty of exercise, such going for a walk or playing fetch.  Not only does it keep him distracted, it also makes him tired.  A tired puppy is less likely to go wandering about the house looking for something to chew.  Furthermore, if your puppy spends plenty of time with people, it give a better alternative to inappropriate behavior.  As with all aspects of training, you want to be patience with your puppy and never punish him.  In plenty of time, you will have a well-trained puppy who knows not to chew on your stuff.

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