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Stop your puppy from biting or nipping

puppy biting on girls clothesYou may find that your puppy is cute and cuddly, but it is extremely important for both you and your dog that she gets the basic obedience training she needs, especially at an early stage. If she is not properly trained, it will lead to the formation of bad habits that will be more difficult to revert. Once such behavior that you need to train your puppy to stop, is biting or nipping. You want to make sure you put an end to your puppy’s biting immediately so that it can be done quickly and easily. You want to remember that you puppy’s biting is normal and that all puppies go through this phase, particularly when they are teething. There are many proven training techniques that you can teach your puppy so you can correct her behavioral issues.  You want to keep in mind that this will require dedication and patience on your behalf, not only to collect the relevant information and purchase the right information, but also to incorporate the proper steps into your puppy’s daily life.  Even if you have an adult dog, you can still train her to stop chewing or biting by using the same steps presented here. However, you want to keep in mind that additional steps may have to be incorporated and it may take a little longer.  A useful resource, which provides additional tips and tricks, will stop your dog’s excessive biting and nipping.

Socialization Prevents Puppy Biting

Your puppy is taken from her natural habitat at a very young age. This prevents her from continuing the learning process that began with her mother and littermates.  In her natural environment, she will socialize and play with her brothers and sisters, as well as her mother.  In order for her to continue to be properly socialized, it is important for her to play and interact with other puppies and socialized dogs.  This is also the time when she learns to inhibit her bite; when she is being too rough or biting to hard on other puppies, she will know by the reaction of her playmate, which is usually a yelp.  In this manner, she will learn to not be aggressive or afraid of dogs and other animals and have fun in the process.  Furthermore, this will decrease the chance of biting that she exhibits towards you and the rest of your family and will help to prevent aggressive dog behavior
It is not always possible for your puppy to be around other puppies and animals and learn these basic principles.  In this case, you will be the center of attention for your puppy, which mean she will be biting and your loved ones.  Your puppy will most likely bite you in a playful way but might hurt you in the process.  Even if her biting is not painful, it must be stopped early on to avoid this behavior to continue into adulthood.  You can use a practical method which can be very effective.  You want your puppy to think that when she bites you, she is actually hurting you.  When she bites you, you want to let out a high pitched noise, such as “ow!” and pull away. However, you want to use caution when pulling away; you do not want your puppy to think that you are trying to play tug of war.  This will only encourage your puppy to bite and nip more. Instead you want to just withdraw from her and ignore her for a little while.  She will associate biting you with the end of play time and much sought-out attention. An adult dog can learn by this method, as well, just with a little extra effort.

Get your canine to nibble on toys not on you

It is essential for your puppy to have toys to nibble on, especially when teething. Make sure you go to a pet store or a pet source online to purchase toys that are specific for dogs and puppies rather than giving her your old slippers and clothing to play with.  She will not be able to differentiate between a new slipper and an old slipper, and will grab any item that is closest to her.  A great source to get your puppy supplies is . You want to make sure that your puppy has a lot of toys to chew on and that are readily available to her.  Whenever she bites your hand, say “no! bad dog!” and take your hand away and with the other hand, place a toy in her mouth instead.  The younger your puppy is, the faster she will catch on and learn that your hands or your belongings are not to be bitten on.  She will eventually choose her toys over your “toys.”


For a puppy or dog that still continues to bite and nip, there is a technique you can use that may reverse the behavior problem.  You can wear a glove and put something that does not taste good to your puppy, such as aloe vera, which you can easily purchase from a supermarket.  You simply buy a leaf and cut it open and remove the gel-like substance from inside.  Rub the substance on the glove so that when your puppy goes to bite you. He will taste the bitterness of the aloe vera and immediately stop. The taste will be bad, but it will not harm your puppy by any means and is environmentally safe.  After a few tries, your puppy will realize that every time she bites you, the outcome is negative and will eventually stop. 

Who is the dominant one in the family, you or the dog?

One reason your puppy may be biting you is to show dominance over you.  In this case, you want to establish that you are the “alpha dog” in the family and make sure your puppy understands the order arrangement.  Without asserting yourself as the dominant one or alpha, you are letting your puppy be the boss and this will lead to more dog biting and other problems, such as chewing and barking.  Furthermore, your puppy will not trust or respect you and will disobey your commands.  In order to prevent dog biting and behavior problem, basic obedience training is necessary.  You can find more information on different obedience problems on the list of topics on the top left of this page.  You can begin to assert your dominance over dog or puppy, by setting boundaries and making certain areas of your home, such as your bedroom, off-limits for her use. 

You’re responsible for your puppy’s actions and she relies solely on you to teach her how to behave.  Part of that responsibility is teaching your puppy which behavior is correct and which is not.  One behavior that is challenging to deter is puppy biting.  It may seem harmless and even fun at first, but it is a behavior that needs to be corrected immediately so that you can avoid problems later on.  However, keep in mind that there are several proven techniques which can stop puppy biting and help you train your puppy properly so that you focus on other important aspects in your puppy’s life.

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