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Socialization can help you keep your dog from barking excessively

Stop your dog's obsessive barking

dog barking outsideWhen I was about 7 years old, my parents brought home a small puppy, a German Shepard/Doberman.  That puppy soon grew up to be a big mean-looking dog and my brother and I didn't’t care to play with him.  He was bigger than us and I was afraid he would jump on me and accidentally hurt me in the process.  Instead, my dog would be in the backyard by himself all day, running around, digging holes, most annoying of all, barking.  Barking, the worst thing of all.  For about ten years every summer, that dog would run around barking at everyone and everything; every little noise just caused him to bark constantly.  Like our family, many other families have this problem and frustrated because nothing seems to make it stop.  There are, however, simple things you can help with the excessive barking from your dog.  Most importantly, the neighbors will no longer be annoyed at you and your rowdy pet.

Socialization is key

First of all, socialization is the key to having a better behaved pet.  A dog that is well-socialized is a dog that does not become easily aroused by noise and people but instead is comfortable with his or her environment and its normal day-to-day occurrences, such as children playing in their backyards, cars coming by, bicycles zipping by, people jogging, basketballs being bounced, and so on.  It is important that if you’re dog is barking at every little noise and movement around him, that you take him outside for a walk or to the front of the house so that he can see the children playing and the joggers pass by.  In this fashion, when your dog hears noise near the house, he will no longer have the need to bark. 

Spend time with your dog

Also, you need to realize that you’re dog is barking because he is hearing noise and people.  My dog was constantly barking at the neighbor’s sons who would play basketball all day.  Eventually my mother would go crazy hearing the dog’s constant barking that she would yell at him out the window, “Be quiet!” or “Stop that noise!”  While yelling at your dog might seem the logical thing to do so that he can quit making his obnoxious noise, this actually does not help the situation at all.  To your faithful friend, the yelling sounds like loud barking and only adds to the commotion, causing your dog to bark even more.  Instead, you can train your dog with simple commands so that he can learn slowly when it is not appropriate to be making noise.  Also, go outside and spend some quality time with your dog.  He might have nothing else to do by himself in the yard and barking provides the only distraction.  If you go play with him for a while, he will find that this is a better source of entertainment and will not go off barking at every little thing.  Furthermore, you will know that when your dog starts to bark, that something serious might be happening.

Physical activity for your dog

Lastly, make sure your dog gets the exercise he deserves.  A dog that is tired will not be running around and barking all day.  He will get to know the neighbors and get used to the world around him.  Your furry friend will find comfort in his home and backyard, and best of all, you won’t be frustrated by a noisy dog and complaining neighbors.

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