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Keeping your shoes away in a closed closet will prevent your dog from biting them

Adult dog chewing

adult dog chewing on a slipperChewing is normal for a teething puppy, but even adult dogs can still chew on your belongings.  There are several reasons for this occurrence.  Your dog may simply be engaging in normal play, such as digging, biting, and shredding.  He does not understand that he is ruining your precious items.  Another reason you dog chews on household items, is that he is exploring his surrounding.  When dogs inspect their environment, they do so with their paws and mouth, thereby, damaging household goods.  To avoid your dog from playing with human items, you want to make sure he has plenty of his own toys.  You always want to make sure that his toys do not look like human stuff, such as old slippers or stuffed animals.  You may also want to rotate his toys so that your furry friend will not get bored; a new toy will be exciting and interesting to your dog than an old toy he sees everyday.  Until your dog can learn to play with his own toys, you should confine to one room of the house where he has access to his own toys and human items are out of reach.  

Interaction is important in adult dog chewing

A third reason your dog may be chewing up your favorite pair of slippers, is that he may out of boredom and lack of socialization. If your dog does not interact with you consistently and is left alone for most of the day,  he will chew up your stuff just because it gives him something to do.  Aside from making sure he has his toys to chew, you want to make sure you spend plenty of time with your dog on a daily basis.  You can take him out for a walk where he can have a chance to interact with other people and other dogs, as well.  Also, you should play with your dog everyday so that he has a healthy outlet for energy.  Remember, some types of dogs, especially sporting or herding breeds, are active types of dogs and need to be occupied.  A simple game of fetch or running with your dog, can be very important for proper activity and socialization for your cuddly companion. 
You want to remember that your dog should also get mental stimulation.  This involves teaching your dog simple commands, such as stop chewing.  Your dog will not only be tired from physical and mental activity, but will be more obedient and most importantly, will not ruin your belongings.

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