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Obedience training will help on behavior problems

Basic dog obedience behavior training

dog being obedientBasic behavior training is a solid foundation that will help a little puppy or an adult dog to better behave and listen to your every command.   It is a long process that is difficult to achieve but not impossible if you use the right tools.  It is the key to avoiding many behavior problems and to keeping your dog from forming bad habits. Your dog can be free of undesired behavior, such as chewing your furniture, excessive barking, puppy biting, basic aggressiveness, and annoying begging. You don't want your dog to jump on people or other animals, as well as avoid being embarrassed when your boss is over for dinner and your puppy or dog is sniffing his or her butt. Also, you don't want your dog to ruin your belongings by biting and chewing on them. Instead, you want a dog or puppy to exhibit behavior that is appropriate towards her environment. This means you will have pet that does not display fear, aggressiveness, or disrespect towards you.  You want her to learn who is the dominant one in the dog-owner relationship and that she can not run your household.  You want to be sure that her knows the rules and boundaries and that she can not get away with breaking them.

Consistency is key in behavior training

Another important point to remember is that you should be consistent in behavior training your dog; use the same techniques so that your dog knows exactly what is expected of her in a given situation. Your canine should know which behavior is acceptable and which is not.  It should be clear and to the point what action is required of her.  If you are not patient and consistent, you will see that there will be a lack of communication between you and your dog and this will lead to unwanted behavior problems.  You, the dog owner, must inform yourself about the appropriate behavior training methods so that you can avoid worsening the problems in the future.  You want to correct any problems now and get her on the right track so that you can advance her learning skills to include basic obedience training and housebreaking in the near future. 

The reward system

The reward system is necessary to the behavior modification process.  Every time your dog displays the proper behavior, you want to make sure to give her plenty of praise and a reward.  In the beginning, giving her a reward, such as doggie treats, will help her to learn the desired behavior quickly.  She will begin to form a positive association between the action and reward.  Once your dog begins to catch on, you can diminish the rewards and replace it with abundant praise.   It is important that you do no reward unsought behavior!  This only makes the process harder and reinforces the bad conduct.

We have provided free information about many behavior problems and have included solutions to help you appropriately train your dog.  Our comprehensive list of problems and their modifications include:


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