Train Your Dog or Puppy the Zang Way

puppy laying on stoopWelcome to Zangpaw!  We provide solutions to the most common dog training problems that you might have encountered. I am not a professional dog trainer BUT, I am a dog owner and I have trained my dogs basic skills. I encountered many problems while training my dogs and I know that you, the dog owner, have experienced similar frustration when attempting to obedience train your dog or puppy.  dogs can be very mischievous and have several behavior problems, which may include excessive barking, biting, and chewing.  They also require basic training such as obedience training, housebreaking, collar training and potty training. The real problem is that your dog has not learned the proper training methods and you may be lacking the correct teaching tactics.  I obtained affordable and professional help by purchasing books and other learning tools that guided me through the appropriate steps. Not only was I able to reverse the bad habits that had formed in my dogs but they have now acquired advanced training skills, as well.
puppy jsut chillin after some trainingDon't worry if you own an adult dog or are just starting out with a small puppy; you, too, will be able to train your pets adequately and have obedient dogs or puppies.  The information we have provided across our web site will help you to train your dog in an efficient and effective way.  In the pages that follow, you will find information that we have researched and created ourselves.  You will not find this dog help and dog advice anywhere else.  We have also provided recommendations for learning tools, such as ebooks and instructive manuals, which we reviewed and consider of high quality. Dog obedience training is one of the best things you can do for your dog or puppy without spending a fortune for a dog trainer. Below are just a few topics to get you started on obedience training your dog.  As you look deeper into your site, you will find more topics and tools so that you can have a puppy that is well-behaved and properly trained.

Quick pages to start your training

building blocks

Behavior training

The building blocks to basic dog behavior training :
  1. barking

  2. chewing

  3. adult dog chewing

  4. biting

  5. leash and collar training



The key to teach obedience commands to your dog :
  1. come

  2. sit

  3. stay

  4. down

  5. stop

  6. Good dog manners












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